We are EG School Furniture

100% Elegant School Furniture

School Furniture made with passion
for students with a passion

We provide schools and kindergartens with the finest wood and metal school furniture with European standards take into consideration that our future is our kids, so we Invest our most time and money in research and create new designs for our kids and youth.

Ahmed Mounir

Founder. EG School Furniture
Established: April 2020
Vision: to spread our products all over the world to serve all school furniture providers with excellent price and European quality.
Mission: We work hard every day to make EG School Furniture the world’s most respected brand.

Passion and style

A School furniture made with passion for students with a passion

Passion and experience

We are a group of engineers, teachers, and investors in the educational field that create EG School Furniture in Egypt, with our experience for more than 45 years in different companies, Our Passion leads us to create this new brand to serve all the globe with the most trendy and latest technology in the educational school furniture industry.

Perfection is the key

Our perfection comes from our team of experts that spend most of the time researching and developing school furniture in the educational sector to comply with the European quality and also taking into consideration our kids and youth learning lifestyle that will affect the global future.